The Shaper

Owner and shaper Scott Rowley was born in New Zealand and started travelling at 18. He headed to Australia and cruised the East Coast from the Barrier Reef to Torquay in Victoria, chasing all the surf he’d seen in the mags growing up.

While in Torquay he lived in a house with a local shaper and through hanging out at the factory while his channel bottom single fins were being glassed, he picked up enough knowledge to begin building his own boards.

After a short spell back in NZ (long enough to build some travel boards) a year long sailing adventure began thru the South Pacific. Surfing in Tonga, the Samoas and Fiji – where he spent 2 months surfing on Tavarua and surrounding islands pre surfcamp.

From Fiji it was back to Oz and across the bottom to 'Cactus' and over to West Oz where the fledgling PEAK Surfboards was started around the Margaret River area in 1981.

Another winter season in Fiji (Tavarua again) and Tonga before returning to New Zealand in 1983 and establishing 'PEAK Surfboards' in Taranaki where he shaped boards for a variety of waves and surfers. For mates in Tara, Mahia locals, Wiararapa hellmen and high profile NZ junior surfers Motu Mataa and Dada Lellman.

After a 6 month journey to the Pacific NW in 1987 Scott immigrated to the US in 1990 and worked for an Oregon surfshop for 2 years before Northwest Surf Design was born.

25 years later Northwest Surf Design is part of the Pacific Northwest surf lore. If you started surfing here in the last 20 years or moved here you'll have seen our boards – or may even have owned one.

The search for waves and adventure has led Scott from Oregon thru Washington to remote Vancouver Island, Alaska, Costa Rica, Mexico, back to Fiji (again), New Zealand, and down to Chile over the last 20 years, with more to follow.

Our Glasser

We are proud to be working with Brad Kavonius of El Brado Glassing. Brad is a Northwest born surfer and a skilled craftsman who has worked for Rusty, Channin Fibreglassing, Lost..., XTR, and Takayama and a number of other brands. Brad is able to handle all types of construction required including Epoxy/EPS, Carbon layout, and resin tint work.

After working in SoCal for 12 years he returned to the Northwest and has been glassing on a semi-regular basis, as well as running a full service repair shop in the Portland area. Now he is a full service glass shop glassing boards for NWSD as well as numerous smaller volume brands that have appeared in the Portland market.

With very little fine tuning we've found that he is fully able to build boards at the high level that we are used to and have come to expect from NWSD. Any questions regarding custom glassing, please direct inquires to Scott Rowley.